The extensive collection includes Knitwear for Ladies and Gentleman, delicate handmade Cashmere Scarves, heavier Cashmere Wovens, hand sewn Leather Gloves, Bags, Belts, Shoes and a Home collection. The designer follows intuition and not fashion trends, the majority of the articles are timeless and unisex. All patterns are produced in limited editions and orders are delivered in elegant packaging keeping in mind a clientele who values individualism, quality, and understatement. Each product has its completely own aura. Thus the origin of the natural yarns such as cashmere, camelhair, baby alpaca, silk, merino wool, and linen, and skill of the weaver play the most important roles. Products that are made with passion and love for the material have their own personality, radiate warmth and complement those who wear them.




P H O T O    L U F L A B    F I R E N Z E